Lanacane Anti-Itch Creme Medication, Ultra Moisturizing

More vitamins plus skim-soothing aloe. Stops dry skin itch. Instant itch relief. Moisturizes skin. Itchy skin, Heat rash, Cracked, chaffed skin, Irritated, sensitive skin. Stops itch instantly - saves skin from scratching. Powerful itch relieving action stops all kinds of itch fast, stops the scratching that can damage skin. And the relief lasts for hours. Steroid-free formula contains an anti-bacterial to kill germs that can cause infection, something no hydrocortisone cream can do. Contains moisturizing glycerin. Dry, itchy skin looks and feels healthy again. Enriched with more vitamins E, A & D plus skin -soothing aloe. Made in U.S.A.