Pumie Scour Screen, Flexi-Scour, Heavy Duty

5.5 in. x 4 in. (139.7 mm x 101.6 mm). Flexible scrubbing screen for household cleaning. Wet or dry cleaning & detailing. Tough on grime. Trusted cleaning brand for over 60 years. Flexi-Scour, an abrasive grit cleaning screen, devours baked on food from grills or pans, scrapes rust from tools, attacks grime, removes hardwater scale and buildup. Highly abrasive, it makes fast work of removing unwanted deposits from most hard surfaces. Can be used wet or dry and durable in soapy water. Outperforms scratch pads and cleansers! The screen resists clogging, easily conforms to curved or irregular surfaces, and corners. Typical Household Uses: Cleans grills or carbon deposits from utensils. Erases scale, hardwater rings & buildup on hard surfaces. Removes unwanted deposits on concrete or tile. Removes rust/loose paint or material. Cleans chemical rings from pool tiles. Cleans dried unwanted spills from hard surfaces. www.uspumice.com. Made in China.