IAMS Premium Cat Food, Adult, Hairball Care Formula

Iams understand you want to share many healthy, happy years with your cat. That's why we have developed a formula to meet the nutritional needs of each stage of your cat's life. You can help keep your cat healthy and active throughout life when you feed Iams Cat Foods everyday. Only Iams combines the natural goodness of real chicken, lamb or fish with a patented fiber, plus all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs. So when you feed Iams Cat Foods every day, your cat will get outstanding nutrition that's essential for a long, healthy life. Iams Hairball Care Formula, for a long, healthy life. Gently moving hair throughout he digestive tract. Iams Hairball Care Formula is formulated with a natural patented fiber. Our great tasting nutritious formula provides a fiber system that gently moves hair through the digestive tract. By feeding Iams Hairball Care Formula every day, you can help control hairball formation while maintaining healthy digestion. Innovative nutrition can help reduce the formation of hairballs. Cats occasionally get hairballs. That's because they routinely ingest hair while cleaning and grooming. In some cats, this hair accumulates and may form a hairball. The innovative nutrition in Iams Hairball Care Formula promotes healthy skin and a lustrous coat to help control hairball formation. Outstanding nutrition starts with wholesome ingredients. Real chicken for high quality protein, naturally provides Taurine. Every kibble of Iams Hairball Care Formula starts with wholesome, nutrient rich chicken to maintain muscle tone, body systems, skin and coat. Since this high quality chicken protein is easy to digest, you can be confident more nutrition stays in your cat for proper health and vitality. As a result, your cat gets all of the essential amino acids needed to help him or her stay healthy, including Taurine for clear eyes and a strong heart. Easy to digest carbohydrates, patented fiber for colon health. Iams Hairball care Formula contains select, wholesome carbohydrates your cat needs to support good health. These carbohydrates are carefully processed for easy digestion. At Iams, we select a blend of whole grain carbohydrates that also help maintain energy levels throughout the day. In addition, fiber is an important part of a balanced diet. Only Iams Cat Foods have a special, patented fiber to help keep your cat's digestive system healthy. A full day's supply of essential nutrients in every bowl. The nutritionists and veterinarians at Iams have spent more than 50 years researching the best combinations of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help pets stay healthy and active. When you feed Iams every day, you can be sure your cat receives all the nutrients needed, including vitamins, minerals and Taurine, for overall health and well being. Guaranteed taste, natural preservative system, no artificial colors or flavors. The high quality ingredients in Iams hairball care Formula provide great taste ;your cat is guaranteed to love, or you money back. Because the Iams Company are about your cat, we use a natural preservative system with no artificial colors or flavors.