La Fuerza Healthier Choices Wraps, Premium, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made with extra virgin olive oil. Good source of protein & iron. 0 grams of trans fat. No cholesterol. Our delicious, flavorful, aromatic wraps capture the bold and rich flavors that many others fail to maintain. Our wraps are made with natural flavors and oils, producing a more intense and truer flavor, enhancing the wrap experience. Try them hot or cold, practically anything can be used as a filling, or try them alone as you will agree our wraps are so delicious that even alone they make a tasty treat. Cold Wraps Suggested Fillings: cream cheese and cheese spreads, deli and luncheon meats, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, shrimp, crab, avocado, asparagus, spinach (any salad combination). Hot Wraps Suggested Fillings: cheese, seafood, chicken, meat, vegetables, tofu, etc. At La Fuerza Del Sabor we aim to provide our customer with top quality, great tasting, healthy foods, for the entire family. Our goal is to make meals a favorite time of day with products that are easy to prepare and a joy to consume.