Drinking water from the Australian alps. Murder your thirst. This frosty can of pristine Austrian Mountain Water won't just refresh your body, it will murder your thirst. Our proprietary thirst murdering process begins with Liquid Death forming a rope of veins that will wrap around your thirst's head and strangle it. Once Liquid Death reaches your thirst's brain, all of your thirst's memories will be replaced with repeating loops of its own head imploding, which is exactly what happens next by it causing your thirst's head to implode and its brain to squirt out of its ears. Once your thirst has been murdered, the soul of your thirst will begin to escape and float towards the ceiling at this point, drink a second sip of Liquid Death to rip its soul back down and force it to begin glueing its own body parts together so that it can crawl back inside you and eventually grow into a fully formed thirst once again. For Water & Quality Info: 1-888-980-4760 or visit: (hashtag)DeathToPlastic: 5 cents from every can sold is donated to help clean up plastic garbage from oceans. Average aluminum can contains 70% recycled material, average plastic bottle contains only 3%. Made in Austria.