M&M's Chocolate Candies, Caramel Cold Brew 1.41 oz

Your favorite coffee shop just got some competition. Be your own barista and enjoy M&M'S Caramel Cold Brew Milk Chocolate Candy. Move over coffee beans! Experience bite size candy made from coffee flavored caramel surrounded by rich milk chocolate in colorful crunchy candy shells. Whether surfing the net or scrolling your timeline, you don't need a straw to enjoy this caramel cold brew coffee flavor. Everyone is going to want a taste of this new assortment of chocolate candy, not just coffee lovers. Use M&M'S candy packs to fill candy dishes at the office to give co-workers a delightful caffeine-free pick me up during that midday slump. This candy bag of M&M'S milk chocolate candy is also perfect for mixing into your favorite ice cream or decorating baked desserts. Your coffee run is now adding M&M'S Caramel Cold Brew Milk Chocolate Candy to your cart for delivery, curbside, or pickup.