Maxine's Heavenly Cookies, Crispy, Chocolate Chip 1 Ea

Sweetened by nature. Delicious. Homemade-style. Today is going to be delicious. These cookies are lightly sweetened with coconut sugar, a naturally delicious alternative to highly refined sweeteners. Coconut sugar comes from the sap of a coconut palm tree (think maple syrup!) and tastes sweet and nutty like brown sugar. Tasting note. A Crunchy classic. Baked to perfection, this cookie has crisp, (plant-based) buttery edges, a hint of caramel, plenty of chocolate, and a satisfying snap with each bite. Meet our mom Maxine. She made the best cookies. And like all good cookies, they were steeped in love & tradition. Today, we know a lot more about healthy eating than we did when mom was baking, so we adapted her recipe to reflect today’s values. The result is a taste as decadent and delicious as mom’s but with ingredients made for today. 1st ingredient oats. (Not sugar, oil, or bleached flours!). Plant based.