McCormick Food Colors & Egg Dye, Red, Yellow, Blue, 3 ea

McCormick Assorted Food Colors & Egg Dye makes your creations come to life with vibrant colors. It adds fun, lively hues to frostings, baked goods, confections and beverages without altering the flavor. Assorted Food Colors contain 0.5 fl oz bottles of red, yellow and blue food colors, making it perfect for any festive occasion, holiday or kids’ arts & crafts project. The color chart on the package shows you how to mix and match drops of the assorted food dyes to color everything from cakes to icings to eggs in any shade of the rainbow. Steal the show at family gatherings with pastel pink heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies, Easter eggs dyed in unique shades, Halloween cake pops, or merry red and green decorated Christmas cookies.