McCormick Grill Mates Smoked Paprika & Onion Seasoning, 6.03 oz

It’s time to up your backyard barbecue game and go bold with McCormick Grill Mates Smoked Paprika & Onion Grilling Seasoning, a blend that respects the meat. For epic grilled chicken, pork or beef, shake on for perfectly balanced flavor. Made with coarse-textured sea salt, an spices like garlic, smoked paprika, black pepper and onion, this seasoning clings to your meats on the grill, locking in the flavor and the juices. Unlike other grilling seasonings, it enhances, not masks, the rich savory flavor of the meats you’re cooking, allowing you to be the grillmaster of your backyard. Available in a larger-size container because it’s sure to be the go-to seasoning for weeknight grillers or serious BBQ enthusiasts.