Jimmy Dean® Premium All-Natural* Pork Sausage Links, 14 Count

Wake up and spread the awesome with Jimmy Dean® All-Natural* Pork Sausage Links. Made with premium pork, and seasoned to perfection with our signature blend of spices, our fresh sausage links have 8 grams of protein per serving to give you more fuel to power your day. Simply cook and serve with eggs and toast for a traditional breakfast or with pancakes and maple syrup for brunch. Includes one package of 14 links. Breakfast is a great deal like life. You get out of it what you put in. Jimmy Dean himself once said “wake up like a tight pair of pants ready to rip” and that good morning feeling can only be done with a good breakfast. To us today at Jimmy Dean® Brand, the sun is always shining in the morning, and that always starts with focusing on quality and making the world a better place, one breakfast at a time. *Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients One package of 12 fresh sausage links Premium sausage made with all-natural, minimally processed pork with no artificial ingredients Seasoned to perfection with our signature blend of spices Good source of protein - 8 grams per serving Simply cook and serve Delicious addition to any meal