Milk Bar Milk 2 Pack Confetti Cookies 2 ea

Hi. We're Milk Bar. We're here to turn your favorite treats upside down. Some might say putting potato chips in a cookie is a weird idea, or that cornflakes belong in your cereal bowl, or that you need some kind of reason to eat something sweet. We disagree. Get in here and grab yourself a 2-pack (because one cookie is never enough). Maybe you'll see things our way. We'll never fit into just one box. Eat the cookie. If a cookie had a birthday party. Confetti takes your classic sugar cookie and gives it the rainbow treatment - a buttery vanilla confection with a burst of colorful sprinkles. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Follow us (at)milkbarstore. Visit us at to ship award - winning desserts nationwide, or come say hi at one of our stores (we love visitors). Please recycle me.