Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Miniatures 9.92 oz

Prepare for trick-or-treaters, costume party guests and your own family movie nights with REESE'S Halloween candies. These kosher and gluten-free sweets are the first Halloween candy everyone goes for in the candy bowl, right? Grab handfuls of miniature peanut butter cups and place a few in lunch boxes and candy dishes for everyone to enjoy. With this candy bag, you can even share individually wrapped milk chocolate peanut butter cups during fall sporting events, birthday parties and every moment in between. Feeling experimental in the kitchen? Whip up edible Halloween crafts by turning miniature REESE'S cups into creepy, crawling spiders and scary goblin faces to terrify guests. The classic taste of milk chocolate and peanut butter will keep everyone smiling throughout the night. You can even add these autumn-themed sweets to table centerpieces to help celebrate the fall season. And don't forget to keep a few peanut butter cups for yourself amongst all the holiday activities!