quality guarantee If you are not 100% satisfied, return our product for a Full refund. ©TOPCO KIIA1119 Scan here for more information CLOSE TIGHTLY PUSH DOWN AND TURN A-70009362 Discard Seal, Empty & Replace Cap PLASTIC BOTTLE KEEP BOTTLE UPRIGHT AND TIGHTLY CAPPED. TO OPEN FOR A CLEANER, FRESHER HOUSEHOLD and LAUNDRY DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Laundry Use BLEACH SAFE FABRICS: DO NOT use on acetate, leather, silk, spandex, wool, mohair or non-fast colors. Dosage 1/3 cup Water Standard or HE Instructions 1. Separate laundry by color. 2. Add desired laundry detergent. 3. Dispense bleach per the washing machine requirements. 4. Add clothes to washing machine. 5. For optimum results, add bleach solution to wash 5 minutes after the wash cycle has started. For Cleaning and Deodorizing KITCHENS & BATHROOMS floors, walls, vinyl, tiles, bathtubs, showers & sinks. 1/3 Cup 1 Gal 1. Clean surface prior to applying bleach solution. 2. mix bleach solution and apply to surface. 3. Let stand for 5 minutes. 4. Rinse surface and let air dry. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT FULL STRENGTH. Read instructions carefully and strictly follow directions.