Beacon Light Steam Series Atlantic Salmon, Lemon & Dill

2 servings. Microwaves in just 5 minutes. Salt free seasoning. No added fats. This is a gluten free product. From frozen to fantastic in just minutes! Preparing delicious seafood has never been easier. We've seasoned premium Atlantic salmon fillets with just the right blend of lemon and dill, and packaged them in an innovative steam vent pouch. While the fish cools in just minutes in the microwave, the seasoning blends with the fish's natural juices to create an enticing flavor. It's so simple, now you can enjoy fish every night. All natural, healthy seafood. One of the most popular seafoods on the market today, Atlantic salmon is full of flavor and beneficial omega 3 fatty acids that promote heart health. The salmon are farm raised in icy cold Chilean waters. Farm raised. Product of Chile.