Sipsmith VJOP Gin

Sipsmith® V.J.O.P. Independent spirits. Signature edition series. Handcrafted by master distiller. 750 ml. Imagining the botanicals as components in an orchestra, here we have taken the lead instrument - juniper - and amplified its presence in the ensemble, and then raised the decibels by increasing the proof alcohol. The result is our very own symphony in 'J Major; V.J.O.P. - Very junipery Over Proof gin. Gin made the way it used to be, the way it should be. In 2009, three friends, Sam, Fairfax and Jared, launched the first copper pot gin distillery in London for nearly 200-years, They brought back London Dry Gin of uncompromising quality and character to the city where it first earned its name. Sipsmith Why Sipsmith Well, much like wordsmiths love to craft all things wordical, we love to craft all things sippical. Like gin. Every bottle of Sipsmith® is handcrafted in genuinely small batches. Every drop of every batch is lovingly laboured over by hand, by our dedicated distillers. No regimented timings, no automatic cuts, just a craftsman's flair and a passion for gin well made. We believe this is the only way to craft spirits of this quality. To discover more about our story, visit Sipsmith's website. Sipsmith distillery London. Handcrafted in small batches. 100% Neutral spirit distilled from english grain. London Dry Gin: Our pride and joy, this rather special multi-award winning gin is a quintessential expression of the London Dry style. Ten classic botanicals that would not have been surprising to an English 18th-Century Distiller are left to macerate overnight to deliver a supremely smooth and characterful London Dry Gin. Juniper forward, with very classic notes. A rich and round mouthfeel and, most importantly, a harmonising smooth balance. "One of the best" - Forbes, 2016. Product of the United Kingdom. Visit:, ©2017 Sipsmith Distillery London.