Tortiyahs! Superior Dipping Chips Sea Salt

Tortiyahs!® Superior Dipping Chips Sea Salt. New. Stone ground corn tortilla. Holds up to hardy dip. Net Wt. 12.5 oz. (354 g) Tortilla chips. Here, in the South where these chips are craft we believe in backbone, strength and courage. From the most ginormous guacamoles to the hottest jalapeno salsas, we say, "bring you a game". Because, there's a new dipping chip in town. Share what you like most on your Tortiyahs!®, or as we say around these parts. Gluten free. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc., P.O. Box 2447, Birmingham, AL 35201 U.S.A. or contact us at